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Khia – My Neck, My Back (Lick It)
13 février 2011
Daylon Alexander, du soir au matin…
13 février 2011

The Coca-Cola Shake featuring Rapper: Wale (Didn’t know that was who I was harassing on the streets of NY) and my best friend Ashley Everett (Beyonce’s Single Ladies, Ego, Sweet Dreams, Vegas & Beyonce Experience) She’s the…ask your mom! Enjoy

Well, let me tell you bout a new dance craze
Tryin’ to take innocent people by surprise (By surprise)
Oh, the dance doctor told me it was just a phase
But listening to your doctor won’t be wise

Cuz’ it’s an epidemic, and it’s coming for sure
If you’re infected with it baby, then there isn’t a cure
Be careful what you’re sipping on, and listen to this song
Cuz if it’s coca cola strong, you’ll be dancing all night long

And saying I love Coca-Cola it’s true
And well if you love Coca-Cola like I do then you will
Dance, Dance for me, show me how you move
With every sip you take, do the Coca-Cola shake

You’ve got to sip it (Sip) and then you dip it (Dip)
You gotta pop it (POP) I think you got it (I think you got it)
Do the Coca-Cola Shake, The Coca-Cola Shake
The Coca-Cola Shake, The Coca-Cola Shake

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